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VertoBagger Tomcat

VertoBagger Tomcat

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APPE presents VertoBagger Form Fill Seal Bagging equipment. Designed for Efficiency and Built with Precision. Reliable Intermittent motion flexible packaging equipment which is truly flexible for various different types of films and applications. 

Engineering Highlights: 

  • #1 Reason customers buy VertoBagger because "  Its a simple and easy to use machine "
  • Solid , Open and Clean Design
  • Off the shelf non proprietary parts
  • Easy and Quick Replacement of Wear & Tear Parts 
  • Easy Handshake to Combination Scales, Auger Fillers, Piston Fillers and Volumetric Fillers

Product Principal Features

  • Some Key Features :

    • Solid Stainless Steel Construction
    • Omron PLC and Color Touch Screen 
    • Servo Driven Film Pulling Mechanism
    • Pneumatic Film Locking Mechanism
    • Digital Temperature Controllers 
    • Servo Horizontal Seal Mechansim ( Optional)
    • Practical and Easy to use menu Based Touch Screen. 
    • 1 Piece forming collar and tube change over
    • Compact , Solid and Simple Design
    • Easy to Service & Troubleshoot. 
    • Photo Eye for Printed Film Registration
    • Slip Free Film Pulling Mechanism
    • Thompson Shaft & Linear Bearings
    • Encoder controlled film pulling operation.

Product Optional Features

  • Gusseting Mechanism
  • Perforation Device
  • Polyethylene Film Sealing Jaw Construction
  • Nitrogen Gas-Flushing
  • Deflation Device
  • Static Eliminator
  • Thermal Transfer Printers / Labeler

Product Technical Features

Bag Style:

Pillow type bag; Gusseted bag (Option)


40 to 60 bags/min

Bag Width

1.60 inches to 8.00 inches

Bag Length:

1.00 inch to 11.00 inches

Maximum Web Width:

16.50 inches

Pillow Bag with Eurohole
Pillow Bag with Eurohole
Gusseted Bag (Option)
Gusseted Bag (Option)
Meat, Poultry & Seafood
Dairy & Cheese
Fresh Cut Produce
Fruit & Vegetable
Grains, Flour, Spices
Prepared Foods
Coffee & Tea
Medical Devices
Operating Room Kits
Wholesale Trade

Liquid Filling Tomcat VertoBagger Tomcat with CWS 10 Head Scale
Low Height System Tomcat Coffee Beans
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