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Stainless Steel Construction

Low Cost

High Quality at Incredibly Low Prices. Fully Automatic High speed machines never before any company has been able to offer.

Touch Screen


Dedicated support and techincal staff is ready to service and install your equipment at the first call. We take pride in helping our customer when they need us the most

Heavy Duty Construction
Solid Heavy duty construction for Rugged Round the clock Performance 

Touch Screen

Stainless Steel Construction

All product contact parts made of food grade SS#304 for sanitation and cleanliness

Stainless Steel Construction

Colored Touch screen

All Vertical form , fill & Seal machines and peripherals are equipped with Color Touch Screens for easy and smooth Human Machine Interaction

Allen Bradley Controls

Servo Driven Pulling Belts

All Vertical Form, Fill & Seal machines are equipped with Servo driven pulling belts for continuous , fast and accurate pulling of packaging material.

Non-Proprietory Components

Non-Proprietary Components

We use Very high quality electrical and pneumatic parts which are easily available nationally at major industrial retailers. You never have to pay unreasonable prices for parts.

Stainless Steel Construction
Omron Controls

All our machines are equipped with either Omron or Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers which enables them to run continuously without any down time. And easy to maintain.



Blister Packaging - 
A packaging technique which involves the heat seal of a rigid, thermoformed outer shell which houses a product, to a coated back card. A method commonly used for retail items.

Clamshell - 
A custom thermoformed PVC tray that is typically designed with 2 halves connected with a hinge. A more expensive option, this package is selected by companies who have a heavy or expensive retail item that requires tamper proof protection. These packages can be designed with a hang hole or with a "foot", for a stand-alone option.

Contract Assembly - 
A term referring to a service that specializes in the assembly of a product through the use of manual labor, fixturing or automation.

Contract Packaging - 
A general term referring to a service that is performed on a product utilizing various assembly and / or packaging techniques intended for the enhancement of a product.

Contract Warehousing - 
A term referring to a service that specializes in material handling, storage, inventory control and distribution of a companies' product or products.

Fulfillment - 
The overall logistics associated with a product or products including but not limited to material handling, collation, incoming inspection, order processing & tracking, inventory control, warehousing, assembly and/or transportation.

Hand Assembly - 
Tasks that are completed by human hands or manual labor.

Heat Sealing - A process by which heat is introduced to 2 substrates to seal them together. Heat sealing is a generic term and is part of many packaging processes, but it mainly refers to the closure of polybags.

Stretch Packaging - 
A packaging technique that allows a product to be encapsulated between 2 halves of a hinged header card, with a Surlyn or clear film which is part of the card but acts as a "window" for the item. Following the heat sealing of the outer card together, the film in the window is then heated and then shrinks around the geometry of an item. This method is a combination of blister, skin, clamshell and shrink wrapping. It is an attractive option, but more expensive than some of the other methods. Batteries and Pharmaceuticals are commonly stretch packaged.

P.O.P. Display -
An acronym for Point of Purchase, this is a merchandiser which holds multiple items in a free-standing display which can be found in an aisle or endcap in a retail establishment. These are typically designed and made out of corrugated material.

Print on Demand - 
Similar to Direct Mail, this service provides a client with a mail merge solution by downloading names and addresses from a disk onto a form letter which is then used for solicitation of some kind.

Relabeling - 
This is a task that may include either applying a label over an existing label on a product, removing an existing label prior to applying a new label, or just applying a label to an original product or box.

Repackaging - 
Redoing or undoing an existing type of packaging to reflect new standards.

RF Sealing - 
The permanent sealing of the edges of a clamshell package through the use of Radio Frequency. Special RF sealing equipment is required for this process and it is designed to make a clamshell package tamper proof. This sealing technique would be commonly found in expensive or heavy retail items.

Shrink Wrapping - 
Probably the most common of all packaging methods, shrink wrapping is accomplished by trimming a piece of shrinkable film around an object, and then sending it through a heat "tunnel" which "shrinks" the film to conform to the exact size of an outer box or product. This is a tamper resistant covering that is very common at the retail level on products such as gift sets, software, and games, to name a few. The gloss effect created by the film tends to give a product or box a richer appearance.

Skin Packaging - 
A packaging technique whereby a film is sucked down over a product and onto a preprinted "skin card". As heat is introduced, the adhesive coating on the card and the Surlyn film adhere together. This is an attractive packaging option and is preferred for retail because the product is displayed clearly yet is protected by the transparent covering. It is a cost-effective solution for higher volume runs.

Sorting - 
The separation of good versus bad usually accomplished through visual inspection.

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