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About Us

About Us

Mission Statement:

Develop  Automatic Bagging Equipment which is :



After working at several Packaging OEMs , owners of APPE saw there was a need for Simple and Practical Packaging Equipment. They came to a conclusion that the design engineers don't connect with the Operators or the Maintenance personnel running the equipment.  As a result APPE was formed by a Design Engineer & a Machine Millwright . 


Research & Development:

R & D has been the core of our business since its inception. We have been able to  accomplish projects which were deemed not possible by other manufacturers. APPE has taken small and managable steps towards success .  Through our R & D process we have been able to identify challenges faced by customers on other OEM equipemnt  and we have been able to offer solutions to those challenges in a simple way . 

What makes us different : 

Application Development :

Our Sales and Engineering Personnel consult with you and identity your requirement and offer the Packaging solution required.    

Package Engineering :

As part of our service, we offer Package Engineering to ensure the success of your project , which includes 

  • Package viability in shipping and on the the shelf .
  • Volume and Shape of the bag.
  • Seal and Package Dimensions
  • Film Characteristics &  Package Integrity 

Sample & Trial Runs:  

In many instances we can do sample runs of your film and product on our equipemnt to ensure you will be getting quality sealed bags with your film . This process also identifies any challenges that could ensure that can arise in the future and can be dealt with at the beginning.

Our Culture: 

The word "Simple" is the most commond buzz word in our company . From design to installation to maintenance . Each and every aspect of our company and product is dedicated to delivering a Simple Solution to challenges on hand.  Over the years we have learned this approach is much appreciated by customers and helps them run their machines and their businesses better. 

Equipment Customization: 

Our design Engineers can customize all aspects of the Packaging Equipment based on your Plant space restrictions or other constraints. 

Non Proprietary Parts: 

We beleive in empowering our customers by using non proprietary parts in manufacturing  and providing the appropriate part information to customers. This allows the end users to acquire parts from any where they seem viable and  can keep their machines running at optimum levels. 

Support : 

Expert Engineering - Very Important for the Equipment to be built right for the application 

Training  - Operator Level Training and Maintenance Level Training. In house Training and Factory Training

Technical Support - Over The Phone Suport , Service Technicians to support in comissioning and Preventive Maintenance 

Our Customers: 

Our customers consists of some of the : 

  • Fortune 500 companies in North America
  • Fastest growing businesses in North America 
  • Industry leaders in Cosmetic Products 
  • Industry leaders in Hydration Products 
  • Mid Size Potato Packers 
  • Mid Size Coffee Roasters 
  • Mid Size Snack Food Packers 
  • Mid Size Cheese Packers
  • Mid Size Cookie and Cracker Packers
  • Mid Size Produce Packers
  • Mid Size Spice Packers 

Due to confidentiality reasons we cannot list customers by name however we can  provide references to qualified buyers upon request . 

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