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Model DCS-1B-423 Semiautomatic Auger Filling Machine

Model DCS-1B-423 Semiautomatic Auger Filling Machine

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This type can do measuring and filling work. Due to the special design, so it fits more to the liquid or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder, albumen powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, pharmaceuticals, granular additive, dyestuff, and so on.

Product Principal Features

    • The surface of whole machine is made by stainless steel material.
    • Unlock transparent hopper, which could be washed without toolings.
    • Servo motor driving screw.
    • PLC & Touch screen control.
    • Include handwheel of adjustable height.
    • Save the parameter of each product to later use. 7 recipes of magistral fomula save at the most.
    • Fit for lots of material range from fine-powder to coarse-granule, if change the screw attachment. Dust- collector set on dust material situation to absorb dust spout out.

Product Technical Features

Metering Mode

Auger rotation filling traced by weighing feedback

Packaging Weight

10 - 5000g(The screw attachment is to be changed)

Packaging Accuracy

≤ 100g, ≤±2%;100 - 500g,≤±1%; ≥500g,≤±0.5%

Filling Rate

40 - 120 times/min

Power Supply

3P /208 -415V 50-60Hz

Total Power


Total Weight


Overall Dimensions


Hopper Volume

50L(oversized hopper65L)

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